Redraw the border in accordance with British-Irish divide

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Morning View (February 4) stated: “The SNP has never so much as hinted at violence in its long campaign for independence, an admirable distinction between them and hardcore republicans.”

Irish freedom is not just about hardcore republicans.

Irish people have a fundamental and inalienable right to govern themselves in freedom from British rule. Against that, unionists would be up in arms if they were threatened with Irish rule.

To quote Ben Lowry (February 4), “And so perhaps there would in turn have been 10,000 republican killings, leading perhaps to 40,000 unionist-state killings in revenge and so on, upwards. We would have been far into civil war, as has erupted in many parts of the world.”

Why risk such a calamity?

Redraw the border in accordance with the British-Irish divide.

Malachy Scott, Belfast BT15