Relocate wind farm to Belfast so it can suffer some of the visual impact too

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

A wind farm proposal in the Antrim Hills near Larne has created opposition and controversy for locals (Wilson warns of sinister campaign to back wind turbines plan, August 10).

Many other rural areas of Northern Ireland have already succumbed to wind farm developments with their visual impact on the landscape. So much so that in 2013 the Stormont Environment Committee heard that West Tyrone was at saturation point.

Turbine installations continue there today unabated.

Due to its population Belfast is geographically the biggest user of electricity in the province.

Yet I don’t see any wind farms in the overlooking hills.

Perhaps it’s time Belfast put its shoulder to the wheel of low carbon technology by installing wind turbines and help take the strain away from other areas.

I would suggest that the proposed wind farm near Larne be relocated to Cavehill, Black Mountain and Divis Mountain overlooking the city.

Why should Belfast be spared from the march of the turbines, after all that’s where most of the energy is used.

Thomas Stewart, Belfast