Remember Irish heroism at Gallipoli – not just the Rising

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A correspondent called Mary Sullivan wrote in the Irish Independent on September 13 (‘We Must Make Sure the Lesson of History Can Still Be Learned By All’, concerning the Easter Rising) on the importance of the study of history.

The Easter Rising began on Monday, April 24, 1916. It had to do so. On April 25, 1916, the heroism of the Irish in Gallipoli would have been commemorated in Dublin as it was in Australia and New Zealand.

The Easter Rising at once obliterated Gallipoli from Irish history, for good and ill.

We must now remember Irish heroism in Gallipoli and in World War I more generally alongside the Easter Rising. These two events have visited a tragedy on Ireland that to this day we struggle to resolve.

I remain convinced that it is the study of history, that is, of all the facts, those that we dislike (I am English) as well as those we like, can be the key to the peace and reconciliation on the island of Ireland that we fervently desire.

Gerald Morgan, Dublin