Republicans are still the same so it’s time we changed

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

I remember a maths teacher tell my class that a man asked his friend why his sitting dog was whinging.

He replied the dog was sitting on a thistle and did not know to get up.

The thrust of his remark was that some of us were not succeeding at maths, and would perhaps be better considering quitting the subject.

There is a lesson here for unionism too.

Unionism of all shades made historical changes in governance and tolerated the prickly republicans thinking they would also change for the good.

They are still the same so it is time for unionists to move on from these unrepentant and unchangable people.

The DUP are in the place of national government to push for radical change to the structures of failed government.

David Barbour, retired UUP councillor, Coleraine