Republicans have no intention of making NI work

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We now have proof of the desperation of the weak DUP to roll over to Sinn Fein/IRA.

The complete turn around of the £50,000 for the Irish language project shows Paul Givan as an individual who is tossed around by the waves of republican demands.

I think I am right in thinking that when a Sinn Fein minister was in charge they reversed money for marching bands? It makes you think “what else are they prepared to compromise to keep the debacle at Stormont alive”?

We now have the party who are set to cost the taxpayer millions along with the one who cost the taxpayer millions of pounds in welfare reform, battling it out.

We have not seen much from the DUP in combating the disgrace of the hounding of our brave service people.

Their promised protest about terrorists getting comfort letters seems to have come to nothing (their demands were not met).

We have one side demanding legacy inquests while we have no inquiries into the IRA atrocities and those who carried them out.

Will the DUP give in to republicans/nationalists on this issue?

I do not believe that either will want to go to the polls as there are those who face losing their seats.

Jim Allister is correct in saying that the current arrangements are totally unworkable.

If both parties kiss and make up it is only a matter of time before Sinn Fein spit their dummies out of the pram again with more demands. If the truth be told Sinn Fein have no intention of making Northern Ireland work. They continue to make their demands and chip away at getting their republican agenda. This is why we need a strong unionist voice to stand up for Northern Ireland in the light of the republican onslaught. This may mean sacrificing your position for the good of Northern Ireland.

John Mulholland, Doagh, Co Antrim