Republicans seem determined to up the ante ahead of general election


The last few weeks have seen an escalation in despicable attacks on memorials to IRA victims.

From Kingsmills, to Scottish soldiers, it is evident that a deliberate attempt is being made to provoke and insult the PUL community.

There is, without doubt, an underlying current of bigotry and hatred fuelling this wanton strategy, and republicans seem determined to up the ante, prior to the forthcoming Westminster elections.

It is regrettable that IRASF are being sustained in government by some, but come May, the unionist electorate have an opportunity to send a clear message to rabid republicans that enough is enough.

TUV remains the only party opposed to IRASF in a mandatory coalition, and retains the required principles to thwart the ongoing cultural war of attrition undertaken by IRASF.

We remain committed to a better, brighter future for the next generation, without it being blighted by those responsible for the decades of destruction bankrupting the country they aim to destroy from within executive government.

Councillor Stephen Cooper

TUV, Comber