Respect for democracy and rights for the unborn

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Words like ‘respect’ and ‘equality’ are in vogue in recent times but I wonder if those who use them so frequently have any understanding of their real meaning.

While I am NOT a member of the DUP, or any other political party, respect compels me to acknowledge that the 292,316 votes they received in the recent election, was 36% of the votes cast and the majority of the popular vote.

That majority vote was for a Party accused in the popular English press in recent days of being ‘dinosaurs’ and even ‘homophobic’. 292,316 people however voted for this Party and were well aware of their long standing position on ‘Same-sex Marriage’ and the extension of the ‘1967 Abortion Act’ to Northern Ireland.

Are we to turn democracy on its head to support the minority of ‘thousands’ who march in support of ‘same-sex marriage’? Democracy and the democratic mandate must be respected.

The DUP’s position on the life of the unborn is also equally well known. Their stance is that of ‘equality’. Human rights for all. Equal regard for the human rights of the most vulnerable in society, the person who has no voice of the own – the unborn child.

While we must be sensitive to those who find themselves with an unwanted/unplanned or difficult pregnancies, recent pressure to change the law appears to ignore the legal maxim ‘hard cases make bad law’.

Unfortunately since the passing of the ‘1967 Abortion Act’ most abortions would appear to be conducted for purely social reasons.

Those, like myself, who have been involved in Christian Ministry, have seen the devastating effects of abortion, even years after the event, with mental disorders and death-bed trauma.

These results should be considered by those who shout the loudest on ‘respect’ and ‘equality’.

Rev Brian Kennaway, Presbyterian Minister (Retired)