RHI was too good to be true

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

The continuing controversy of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme persists to plague the political establishment.

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 ‘post-truth’ is well chosen.

The political class and the media in general appear to have missed two essential points which the tax paying public require to know in order to begin to establish some kind of confidence in local politicians.

Firstly, which civil servant (or servants) drew up this ill-fated scheme which rewarded people with £160 for every £100 they spent? This gives a whole new meaning to the well worn statement; ‘If it is too good to be true it probably is.’ The suffix should be added ‘Except in Northern Ireland’.

Secondly, which minister (or ministers) in government signed off on this scheme?

Until the answer to these two questions are revealed and disciplinary action taken, there is little hope of public confidence being established in local politicians.

Brian Kennaway, Co Antrim