Right to execute drug traffickers


As a supporter of capital punishment, I was pleased to learn that Indonesia carried out the executions of eight drug traffickers, as in accordance with their laws.

As each day passes, thousands of innocent people, lose their life through a multitude of reasons. War, famine, earthquakes, fire, flooding, including criminality, to name but a few instances. Natural disasters, like the recent earthquakes being a good example, are beyond the control of mankind.

Protecting life is the responsibility of governments the world over. Those who commit murder, and/or create situations to destroy life, through the illegal supply and/or production of drugs, that incapacitate or create death to humanity, must be prepared to pay the price, of sacrificing their own life.

It is they who are reaping the financial benefits, it is they who are committing murder.

It is folly, and an injustice to any law abiding society, to expect the tax paying public to keep a convicted murderer in the luxury of present day comforts prisons offer.

It is they who committed the crime, so it is they who should pay the price. If that is the death penalty, so be it.

Harry Stephenson


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