Robin Swann: Adams’ political campaign will end without a united Ireland

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Gerry Adams was one of the godfathers of the republican movement.

He now has an opportunity to show some compassion and I re-iterate my call for him to take it, and tell the republican movement to hand over any information they have in relation to the remaining disappeared – Captain Robert Nairac, Columba McVeigh and Joe Lynskey. All these men deserve a Christian burial.

Saturday was a chance for Gerry Adams and the republican movement to show respect to the families that still are without the closure that comes with the dignity of being able to lay a loved one to rest.

And indeed the literally thousands of families who want to know why their loved ones were murdered and maimed by the IRA.

It was truly shameful glorifying the IRA who stole the ultimate right from its victims – the right to life.

Gerry Adams should step aside immediately from the Northern Ireland talks process as his contribution has been neither helpful nor constructive.

When others within Sinn Fein have been seemingly keen to do a deal, he has stamped on them. And he really shouldn’t be there as he doesn’t have the mandate to participate as he’s elected in another jurisdiction.

Mr Adams should also be clear that he is not going to seek co-option or re-election to the Northern Ireland Assembly or the United Kingdom Parliament.

He’s been clear with regards to his intentions south of the border, but not in relation to United Kingdom elected bodies.

Just as the IRA’s campaign of violence ended in failure and defeat so Gerry Adams’ political campaign will end without a united Ireland being achieved.

Robin Swann, MLA, Ulster Unionist leader