Robinson focused on chasing after middle class votes

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The recent announcement that Peter Robinson will be leaving the Stormont debacle is long overdue and is welcomed by a large section of unionists and loyalists.

From Peter’s time at Clontibret to the present day’s woeful “Fresh Start “ his leadership has always been about party first, chains of office and compromise.

Peter has delivered nothing positive for unionism.

Under his leadership the DUP has completely distanced itself from working class unionists and loyalists particularly in regards to the Union Flag protests and the ongoing attacks against the Orange Order.

Instead Peter has focused on the middle class moderate unionist vote and compromised on many principled issues for the sake of his party.

In his thirst for chains of office Peter props up a failed political system with Sinn Fein who are controlled by the PIRA so called army council.

This same PIRA have an arsenal of weapons and are continuing to murder on our streets.

At the same time the long suffering, innocent victims have been ignored and forgotten by the DUP.

There is no doubt that Peter Robinson has become an electoral embarrassment for the DUP despite the carefully choreographed platitudes from the party’s career minded nodding dogs.

Whilst Christians are being prosecuted in Northern Ireland and our very civil and religious liberties are under attack those groups and individuals responsible are being funded by government departments controlled by DUP ministers.

This is disgraceful.

Under Peter’s leadership Sinn Fein’s Mitchell McLaughlin was placed in the Speaker’s Role by the DUP and shamefully proceeded to remove our National Anthem from the annual Remembrance Service in Parliament Buildings.

For many unionists Peter’s legacy and that of his predecessor Ian Paisley is one of ruthless personal ambition and the ultimate betrayal of the Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist Community in favour of sharing power over the people of Northern Ireland with Irish republicans who are still armed and controlled by the so called PIRA army council.

Sadly Peter’s likely successor Nigel Dodds will be no different with his lust for power continuing to lead the nodding dogs down the path of compromise and political expediency.

Is there even one principled DUP MP or Assembly Member who will do what is morally right and come out from among them ?

Norman Boyd, Anti Agreement Unionist