Rollover unionism has brought us rule by the IRA


The IRA Army Council not only exists but controls both the IRA and Sinn Fein; IRA murdered Kevin McGuigan; IRA did not fully decommission, but retains arms; some IRA members are helping ‘dissidents’; and IRA criminality is rife.

None of the above is just what TUV says, but the considered verdict - which you can rest assured was as tame as “the process” could make it - of the government panel.

And what was the response of the DUP?

To immediately return to full cohabitation in the executive with Sinn Fein.

Yes, the same Sinn Fein that the illegal, wicked IRA Army Council controls.

Yes, the same DUP that made this solemn manifesto pledge, “All paramilitary and criminal activity and terrorist structures must be abandoned before Sinn Fein is admitted to Government.”

IRA rule is the sorry pass to which rollover unionism has brought us.

Reaffirmed in government by their compliant partner, IRA/Sinn Fein triumphed in 1998 because of murder and in 2015 in spite of murder, which the DUP has consciously and obligingly swept under the carpet.

Dismayed democrats need to express themselves at the polls.

Remember, you get what you vote for.

Jim Allister, TUV Leader