RUC not worthy of legacy protection

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Morning View (‘Legacy protection for security forces must extend to RUC officers,’ January 16) is noteworthy for what it does not say.

Massacres are mentioned but not the Glenanne Gang, a collection of RUC terrorists who colluded to wipe out nationalist families in their area, who were more ruthless than the Shankill butchers.

And the Miami Massacre which was carried out by the UDR and facilitated by the RUC closing the A1 from Banbridge to Newry. The above name suggests means the RUC and UDR were charged with keeping citizens of NI secure. Now I’m certainly no fan of the IRA nor equally unionist paramilitaries but I’m quite sure neither has claimed to be the protector of NI citizens.

By the above actions and others, the RUC do not qualify for legacy protection nor do any killers of fellow human beings.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge