Sammy Wilson: Ignore the nonsense in EU leaflet

Sammy Wilson was speaking in a Westminster debate
Sammy Wilson was speaking in a Westminster debate

Speaking in a debate at Westminster, I attacked the propaganda leaflet soon to be sent to my constituents seeking to persuade them to vote to stay in the EU.

I said that this dodgy dossier is so full of lies and half truths that it is a scandal to describe it as an information leaflet. I explained that during the recent Assembly elections the most raised topic whilst canvassing was that of the EU referendum.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

There is a genuine thirst for facts and information but the government leaflet costing £9m only provides biased spin.

It claims that jobs would be lost through closure of export markets. Given the intricate supply chains which have now developed because of globalisation this is patently untrue. Our goods sell across Europe and around the world because of their quality and competitiveness not because of our membership of the EU.

The leaflet claims that the cost of going on holiday would go up because flights would become dearer yet cheaper flights have become available because of new entrants into the market such as Easyjet and Ryan Air not because we are in the EU. There will still be competition after we vote to leave.

The government claims that the cost of living will go up because the exchange rate will fall. Over the period of our membership of the EU the pound has varied in value against other major currencies by as much as 30%.

Membership of the EU does not guarantee a stable exchange rate and anyhow a fall in the value of the pound also helps exporters to become more competitive creating jobs so there are upsides to a weaker pound.

Significantly the leaflet highlights the benefits of the UK opting out of major EU policies such as open borders, the euro and more intrusive regulations. Why then is EU membership so attractive? If it is good to keep our distance from the major policies of the EU why be a member at all?

I also attacked the prime minster for his prediction that leaving the EU would result in another world war.

The suggestion is ridiculous and his cynical abuse of those who died to defeat European dictators is nothing short of scandalous.

It also shows just how desperate David Cameron is becoming as he faces a massive vote to leave the EU on June 23.

I appeal to the voters of East Antrim and NI not to be taken in by the nonsense which will drop through their letter boxes this week.

Sammy Wilson, MP East Antrim