Sarah Travers: I would encourage people to enter the Dementia Friendly Awards

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
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Anyone who knows one of the 20,000 people in Northern Ireland with dementia knows the difference that awareness and understanding can make to their life.

I know this from personal experience – from caring for my father with dementia, and from training with Alzheimer’s Society to become a Dementia Friend. So I am delighted to have been invited to once again host Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friendly Awards in October.

These awards aren’t just for professionals, they are for the individuals and communities who make life easier for people with dementia and their carers.

Last year’s awards opened my eyes to the fantastic work that goes on in Northern Ireland communities, whether it be police training to be Dementia Friends or young men linking up with older people with dementia to find common interests.

These awards celebrate everyday people going that little bit further to create Dementia Friendly Communities.

I would encourage anyone who is involved in making their community Dementia Friendly to enter the awards at .

These awards don’t just recognise individuals and teams, they also raise awareness and inspire people like me to become Dementia Friends and make the world a friendlier place for people with dementia.

Sarah Travers, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador