Saviour deserves more respect

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Perhaps those who advocate that Orange Order should change its rule forbidding attendance at Roman Catholic worship should consider why it is there in the first place.

According to the Roman Catholic church, its central act of worship, the Mass, is an re-enactment of, and the same sacrifice as, that of Christ on the cross. This claim is at odds with the Bible, which teaches that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was the final, perfect and never to be repeated sacrifice for sin for all time. (Heb. 10 vs 10, 12,& 14).

Therefore, if the Bible is correct, then the Mass is an insult to Christ and his perfect, finished, work on the cross. Indeed the historic creeds of Protestant churches are in accord with this stance, e.g. the Presbyterian Confession of Faith Chapter 29, para 2; the Church of Ireland Articles of Religion Nos.29 & 31, so the Orange Order is in line with traditional Protestant teaching on this issue.

Of course some will say that Roman Catholics are not intending to insult Christ in their worship. Granted, but if the Bible be true, they are, even if in well-meaning ignorance. The question is, should Protestants who know better, be in attendance at an event where their Saviour is being insulted, albeit in ignorance? Surely not.

Would those Orangemen who wish to attend Roman Catholic worship be present at a function where Her Majesty the Queen would be insulted, even in ignorance? I think not.

Surely our Saviour deserves more respect than any earthly monarch, no matter how deserving she may be,

Tom Ferguson, Ballymoney