Scotland needs one pro-Union party


The recent General Election result has proved that each of the three main parties, Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrats, are toxic brands within Scotland.

The stunning success of the Scottish National Party has demonstrated the appeal of a single issue party able to capture the votes from a broad spectrum of ideologies.

For unionism to survive and thrive, indeed to ensure the very survival of the United Kingdom, it is essential that a single Scottish unionist party is established to replace the three existing pro-Union parties and capture the votes of people from a wide variety of political backgrounds.

This emphasis on the Union would allow an effective single opposition to be created while broadening their appeal across Scotland.

Their message could be tailored to always promote the benefits of the Union and the British way of life in whatever policy they are outlining.

The ever-present threat of another independence referendum should provide the impetus for people to set aside their party differences and join together to save the Union and ensure the defeat of narrow-minded Scottish nationalism.

Andrew Wright