SDLP abortion vote goes against promises of progression

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was disappointed to see the SDLP’s recent flip-flopping around amendments seeking reform of the law on fatal foetal abnormalities.

Along with many other parties and individual elected representatives, the party promised Sarah Ewart they would do everything in their power to support her in her brave fight, before disappointingly instructing its MLAs to vote against doing exactly that.

It certainly goes against the party’s new leader’s promises of progression, when it results in them walking through the lobbies alongside the DUP on what has been ruled an issue of human rights.

In my own constituency of North Belfast, people will want to know the SDLP candidate’s position on this vital matter. Perhaps she agrees with her Assembly team, but I would call on her to clarify the situation.

Nuala McAllister, Councillor Alliance, Belfast