SDLP leader needs again to be asked why councillors did not vote on park


Alasdair McDonnell, leader of the SDLP, stated on radio that the reason the eightNewry Councillors didn’t show up at the meeting to vote on the issue of Raymond McCreesh park was because some were sick and others had different appointments.

Perfectly reasonable you might add until you realise that it was the SDLP who demanded the meeting was held at 6pm so that they could attend.

So the question needs to be put to Alasdair McDonnell again – why didn’t your councillors show up to vote on the issue of Raymond McCreesh Park?

This time Alasdair maybe you can be more honest and elaborate on why they demanded a meeting at the same time they had prior arrangements or maybe you just thought the people could be fooled.

Waiting for an answer Alasdair.

D. Moore