SDLP share SF’s long term aims


I have always held the view that the SDLP were not overly concerned that Sinn Fein had eclipsed them as the largest nationalist party in Northern Ireland.


Because they both have the same long term aim which is the destruction of the Northern Ireland state, as evidenced by their attitude to the naming of the play park in Newry after a convicted gunman and their silence regarding the fuel laundering and tobacco smuggling allegedly emanating from south Armagh. Contrast that with the aims of the DUP during the last four decades which was first and foremost the destruction of the Ulster Unionist Party and to Hell with the wider interests of unionism.

It’s ironic that the DUP are now attempting to implement the very policies the Ulster Unionists advocated for years and with a party they said they would never enter government with.

It’s amazing what the promise of a few seats in the House of Lords can do.

Roll on the next elections.

Tyrone Protestant