Seeking material on the old Dunmore speedway track

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Since I retired from work I have been researching into speedway tracks that have closed down.

I am trying to find out about the track at the old Dunmore greyhound stadium.

The track opened in May 1950 and ran until September, both of these meetings were individual meetings with a mix of open meetings and some team events.

The home team were known as the Belfast Bees & raced against teams such as Liverpool Glasgow and Manchester.

I am hoping there may still be some people about who went to these meetings and can help me with either news cuttings,photos or programmes or even photo copies,I would like to acquire if possible one from June 19 1950 Belfast v M/c starlets.

Very little appeared in the British speedway mags at the time, apparently it seemed to be a success with crowds of over 5000,but it never re-opened again until 1968 when three meetings were ridden never to open again.

I believe the stadium has now been pulled down. I am sure someone somewhere in Belfast has some material as it is a shame that a small part of the sporting history is going to be lost.

I can be contacted at 7 Naunton Road, Alkrington, Middleton, Manchester M24 1FX, or 0161 653 0243.

Gramham Gleave, Manchester