Serious economic experts back Remain

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

With all the rhetoric generated by the European Union referendum it is easy to lose sight of the basic facts.

Nigel Farage can’t name one serious economic organisation that believes the UK would be better off if we left the EU. That’s because economic experts from the Bank of England and the IMF to the OECD all say we’re better off In Europe.

The whole EU referendum has been triggered by a Tory party civil war which has rumbled on for decades.

This struggle is not actually about British sovereignty and definitely not about what is best for the British people, it is a frequently squalid struggle for control of the Tory party, with opportunists using the issue to attack and weaken the prime minister and his allies.

These euro-phobic Tories are in a minority. The only other political parties to support them are the BNP and UKIP. Every other major party wants Britain to stay in.

The level of actual support in the country for such policies was shown in the last general election. Prior to the election UKIP had two MPs, Nigel Farage predicted they would win up to 40 seats.

They actually lost one of their two seats!

A P Milroy, Wiltshire