SF a toxic mix of militant nationalism and socialism

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There has been much discussion in relation to Sinn Fein over the past few weeks.

Your Morning View of March 13 was most apposite.



Sinn Fein’s link to democratic principles is tenuous. This is the party which for years supported the IRA terror campaign, indeed as part of the same ‘republican movement’.

That they have now apparently eschewed violence does not of itself render them truly democratic.

They are still wedded to that toxic political mix of militant nationalism and socialism which over the years has been reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s.

As you rightly point out, while they deserve to be ‘thrashed at the polls on both sides of the border’, this will not happen.

When people were faced with economic hardship in 1930s Germany they flocked to support the Nazis, may out of desperation.

People in Ireland, north and south, will flock to Sinn Fein regardless of their shambolic economics and terrorist past. (The ‘everyone else has failed so let’s give them a chance’ line of thought).

In 1930s Germany, those who opposed Nazism were demonised and in the case of the Jews subjected to genocide.

Today Sinn Fein continues to demonise the Protestant Unionist Loyalist community.

As is well documented, for years their military wing carried out a campaign of genocide against that community, especially along the border.

While the numbers were less, the hate motivated intent was certainly similar and there has never been any indication of remorse.

For Sinn Fein the only thing that matters is the Sinn Fein brand.

W. Ian Bennett

Co Down