SF have always had hidden agenda

Stormont was collapsed over RHI and Arlene Foster, not the Irish language
Stormont was collapsed over RHI and Arlene Foster, not the Irish language

With reference to the current impasse at Stormont:

Has anyone else noticed that when the Stormont assembly collapsed in January because, according to Sinn Fein, the RHI scandal and the role of Arlene Foster, back then there was little mention of gay rights or the Irish language act?

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Why have gay rights and the Irish language act become the main stumbling blocks but very little, if any mention of the RHI scandal?

I may have missed this, but why have the other politicians or journalists not picked up on this point and asked Sinn Fein for an answer?

Maybe it was always an agenda for Sinn Fein but didn’t have the excuse until the RHI scandal.

With regard to the gay marriage, surely that is easy to rectify, although it does require the assembly to be up and running again.

Put it to the vote, gay marriage, yes or no, majority rules. The DUP have no longer the 30 seat veto so they cannot oppose it on their own.

As for the Irish language act, the hidden agenda here is money. If there was to be a united Ireland then the Irish government would have to extend their act to include the new counties in the north, the Irish government would have to spend millions changing road signs, introducing it into schools, courts, hospitals etc, at a great expense to the Irish taxpayer.

However, if this act was introduced now, with Northern Ireland being still part of the UK, then it would be the British taxpayer that would have to foot the costs.

Sinn Fein have always had a hidden agenda, where they wish to cost the British taxpayer as much as possible.

Our unionist politicians need to wake up and see what is really happening in the Province and keep bombarding Sinn Fein with the simple question, what is more important, the Irish language or a good health service?

Paul Galway, South Staffordshire