SF holding country to ransom over an Irish language act

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Why is it that a party has the right to hold the country to random over an Irish language act that by in large there is no necessity for?

The only success that Sinn Fein can be recognised for is the failure of carrying out their duties for all the people, bringing down a government and their dogmatic attitude.

The party has caused so much hardship, stress and anxiety this year to the ordinary working class people of Northern Ireland that I am surprised that they have any support at all.

One example of many: The elderly are to suffer owing to millions in health cuts. Does Sinn Fein care? They have a strange way of showing it.

We will find ourselves with no government and no one to represent us or to deal with everyday matters.

Our economy will end up so low that the brown envelope that many are used to receiving through their letter box will come to an end.

William Brown, Magherafelt