SF mask slips yet again

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Is it time for real meaningful change to our political system and structures?

Over the recent years, we have seen the sectarian mask of Sinn Fein slip on numerous occasions.

Most recent was Barry McElduff MP, who deemed it appropriate to mock the innocent victims of the Kingsmill Massacre.

Any right-minded person, regardless of community, religion or walk of life would agree that Mr McElduff was totally out of order when he mocked the innocent victims of terrorism by posting a video of him balancing a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head on the 42nd anniversary of the Kingsmill Massacre which seen the IRA murder 10 innocent Protestant workers in cold blood.

Another story that has been in the news again lately and shows Sinn Fein’s true colours was the naming of a public play park after in Newry, Mourne and Down area after the convicted terrorist, Raymond McCreesh.

It was in the news due to Sinn Fein and the SDLP’s unwillingness to rename the park to make it more inclusive to every section of the community. Raymond McCreesh was in possession of a gun, which was used in the Kingsmill Massacre when arrested.

He was a terrorist.

I ask: Would the naming of a council-owned children’s play park after a terrorist be acceptable in any other society? I think not.

Remember when Gerry Adams said the following, “But what’s the point? The point is to actually break these b******* – that’s the point.

“And what’s going to break them is equality. That’s what’s going to break them – equality.

“Who could be afraid of equality? Who could be afraid of treating somebody the way you want to be treated.

“That’s what we need to keep the focus on – that’s the trojan horse of the entire republican strategy – is to reach out to people on the basis of equality.”

This was straight out the mouth of Sinn Fein command.

He says it as clear as day.

Equality is the weapon of choice for Sinn Fein and that is going to break the “b*******”. One can only make the assumption when he is referring to “b*******”, he is referring to the Unionist (all Pro-Union supporters) people of Northern Ireland.

Does this not prove to everyone that Sinn Féin’s so-called agenda for equality, respect and rights is a total SHAM?

Truthfully, Sinn Fein only cares about crushing their enemies (Unionists) by any means necessary and bringing about a united Ireland.

Who is to blame for the situation we find ourselves in here in Northern Ireland?

Ultimately we are in this position because our government gave in to terrorism and negotiated with terrorists even though they (the terrorists) were on the ropes and could have been defeated.

We are in this position because when a government negotiates with terrorists and allows a (so-called) peace process to move forward without an admission of guilt by any terrorist organisation of any terrorist activity by anyone involved.

It brought us to where we are today, witnessing history being brushed over and re-written by those that took part in or are sympathetic to terrorists.

The Belfast Agreement saw terrorists that committed the worst terrorist atrocities within the UK politically and financially rewarded for their crimes. This is totally wrong.

It’s not about them’uns and us’uns.

It’s not about green and orange lines.

It’s about RIGHT and WRONG, and terrorism is always wrong regardless of which community commits acts of terrorism and should never be justified.

It’s time to put an end to this sham of a devolved government and political system which sees a party that has no interest in making Northern Ireland work for everyone until we can have a more normalised political system and government that allows those parties that can agree after an election on issues such as health, education, public services etc, to form a government and those that can’t form an opposition.

Is it not the time to actually move Northern Ireland forward?

John Brennan, Ballygowan