SF want unionist government to fall

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

The Sinn Fein and the DUP are revelling in the situations and turmoil that the government finds itself in at the moment.

I think of the two soldiers who are being accused of murder, doing their job some 44 years ago. I think of the Loughgall massacre and how families chasing the SAS allegedly committing murder when they were only doing their job.

I think of the RHI scheme that went pear shape and was basically a non starter from the very beginning but dishonest responsible persons wanted to make a fast buck. May it come to light who they are and be named and shamed.

It would be time, money and effort better used if Sinn Fein were to admit and come clean on the atrocities that they and the IRA were responsible for in the years of conflict and forget about holding needless inquiries costing millions of pounds. That alone would recoup the £485 million pounds into the economy if the truth where to be told.

The dogs in the street know who those are that were responsible for a lot of the crimes in the years of conflict, where they are but then why would they.

Sinn Fein would rather that the unionist government would fall flat on its face and Ulster become a unified Ireland.

Let Sinn Fein be accountable for the crimes of yesteryears, many which cannot be changed owing to the deaths of loved one, murdered, and the RHI scandal will be sorted, given time with no deaths involved.

May God give right thinking people the wisdom to resist such a situation like that coming about that we, the Protestant, unionist people of Northern Ireland will always have our freedom, and cherish it. Complacency is something to avoid at all costs.

William Brown, Magherafelt