SF would face cuts in a united Ireland


It is interesting to note that the underlying assumption in Chris Hazzard’s letter (May 1) concerning Sinn Fein, and its financing of welfare, is that of this jurisdiction (an alternative for the term “the north”) in Ireland continuing to remain part of the wider jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, although at the same time Sinn Fein refuses to be part of that United Kingdom’s parliament.

But what if this jurisdiction in Ireland were to leave this union, as Sinn Fein advocates it ought to, in order to merge in or with the other jurisdiction in Ireland, the jurisdiction of the Republic?

In doing so it would merge more deeply in the EU through the eurozone. Would the cuts in spending on welfare required of Dublin by the euro have Sinn Fein fight them by refusing to sit in the European Parliament?

But it may be that they do not see a merging of one jurisdiction into the other, and into the wider jurisdiction of the eurozone? Instead they envisage something completely new so questions of sitting in the EU parliament would not arise.

However, what that is they have to date singularly failed to spell out.

A low “tax haven” for international finance providing the money for generous living?

W A Miller,