Sickening adulation of a murderer

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

With regard to the coverage of Martin McGuinness, it is sickening adulation on legs!

As expected from Nolan et al and the BBC. Well, I suppose they value their knee caps too much.

If McGuinness had died 40 years ago a hell of a lot of people would still be alive.

Did no one ever think to say if McGuinness and his cohorts had not engaged in and facilitated their vicious, murdering terrorist campaign there would have been no need for a peace process?

Are we supposed to be grateful they stopped blowing people to pieces?

They had no alternative!

When the Americans got a taste of that medicine with 9/11 they woke up and smelt the coffee and stopped funding the terrorists in Northern Ireland.

He may have largely escaped the law here but the greatest judge of all will deal with him now.

That He promises and He never breaks his promise.

Truth crushed to the ground will always rise again.

Ms JGC, Clogher