Sickening to see Foster try to pull SF back into government

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Sam McBride is correct in his observation (‘Already, the Stormont talks would seem forlorn,’ Aug 28) that Sammy Wilson is often the first to speak the mind of DUP grassroots supporters.

If the time for abandoning mandatory coalition is not long past, it certainly is now.

How sickening to see Arlene Foster trying to pull back into government those who are so actively pursuing their agenda to end the existence of Northern Ireland as a British entity.

To what extent is the DUP prepared to risk the wellbeing of our province in order to retain the pay and a sense of power and prestige for its MLAs?

The party needs to get its head down and design proposals for a new London/Stormont arrangement for government by persons and parties who have the genuine interests of our people at heart.

Cliff Cardwell, Co Londonderry