Silence over the Enniskillen bombing

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In recent weeks there has been an ever increasing campaign by republicans making all sorts of allegations about collusion with the British security forces and the RUC with loyalist paramilitary organisations in relation to a series of incidents, the most notable one being the deaths of six Roman Catholics in Loughinisland in Co Down.

Some media outlets were quick to show photographs and name the individual they claimed was responsible for these killings.

When we consider these allegations and compare them with the coverage given to the Enniskillen bombing 30 years ago, where to date no one has ever been charged or brought to justice, then questions need to be asked as to why the silence?

In his documentary programme ‘Age of Terror,’ by award winning Journalist Peter Taylor which was broadcast in April 2008, the then joint first minister Martin McGuinness was named as the IRA’s Northern commander, and as such was aware of this atrocity which was about to take place and allowed it to continue.

Last week was there any mention of his involvement or indeed when questions about no arrests or convictions were put to the Chief Constable George Hamilton, he could have stated that Martin McGuinness knew that this atrocity was to take place and as such he would have had knowledge of the IRA terrorists who carried out this attack.

There are many unanswered questions about the Enniskillen bomb which claimed the lives of 12 innocent Protestants but the one which must be answered but to date despite being asked repeatedly is this: was the Roman Catholic-owned community hall where the bomb was planted searched before the act of remembrance service?

If not, was this a political decision not to cause offence, was it a security decision perhaps to protect an IRA informer or some other reason?

But Chief Constable George Hamilton must give this answer and if not then readers can draw their own conclusions as to why this information has been withheld.

Walter Millar, TUV, Cookstown