Sinn Fein need to say if they are Irish or European now

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Now that Sinn Fein has abandoned a separatist Irish republican ideology – the significance of which the commentariate in media and blog sites pass over whilst unionists their minds divided by, and still reverberating with the echoes of “never, never”, are incapable of noticing – will Sinn Fein too, once it is noticed by the media, be subject to, unless that too is not allowed to arise, a dissident question: are you Irish or European?

But further, perhaps, given that Sinn Fein too now also values, or appears to value, what John Hume referred to as the “totality of relations” - amongst which is the common travel area within and between these isles, and seems loathe to lose it (should the EU insist it must go in the event of Brexit) will they in opposing not also come to be facing the further question from dissidents and beloved by the media: are you Irish or British?

Well, are you European?

It seems that it is not only the various factions in unionism that have long since given up thinking.

W A Miller, Belfast BT13