Socialists should vote Remain at this point in time

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I don’t know how best to vote but the referendum campaign has helped me think about Europe/EU/the island of Ireland, in or out, etc and possible future scenarios.

So why not vote Remain for now. Why?

Well I predict a rise of popularism/nationalism/facism/national front/the right wing all over the EU but especially in France and Germany.

The EU political union project is a dead parrot!

There will be a need/demand for regulated open borders and regulated movement of people in the EU. This will come for within the existing members. So a lot of what leave want will happen in other parts of the EU.

So socialists should vote Remain at this point in time.

I think the UK needs to continue with is current status in the EU to moderate the worst effect of the rise of the right wing all over Europe.

OK if this does not happen then we can have another referendum?

George R Bell, Associate Tutor, CLMS University of Leicester