Stephen Fry arrogant to deny God


In response to the arrogant outburst against God by the atheist and TV personality Stephen Fry, I would like to congratulate the Rev Phillip Campbell, Coleraine on his well reasoned letter (February 6).

No-one except, perhaps, an arrogant intellectual like Mr Fry should be in any doubt that God created a perfect world and it is sinful man who is responsible for the suffering and injustice and not Almighty God.

Fry would, of course, deny the coming of God’s son Jesus Christ to redeem mankind.

The incoming Presbyterian Moderator was so right in his interview in your paper to state that Mr Fry was blinded by the truth.

For Stephen Fry to attempt to hector and challenge the God who created the universe, calling Him capricious, mean-minded and stupid was nothing short of appalling and extremely tasteless and he may live to regret the upset he has caused to listeners to the RTE programme, especially young Christians struggling with their faith in a higher power.

Fry’s reply to the final question Gay Byrne puts to all his guests ie. what he would say to God, when he eventually reached the pearly gates, was certainly long winded, to say the least.

Who is he, a mere mortal, to have the audacity to challenge the God who created the world?

I can well understand how the Muslim would reacted when the prophet Mohammed was mocked, also the Christian world when Jesus Christ was accused of being gay. For someone like Stephen Fry with the effrontery to come on television and criticise the God he does not believe exists, is simply plunging the depths of depravity, and degradation and I have nothing but pity for this misguided showman.

Wilfred Breen