Stewart Dickson: Mike Nesbitt needs to make up his mind about the DUP

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Mike Nesbitt has said (October 22) there is the possibility of another general election pact with the DUP, a link-up ‘without policy’.

It is strange the Ulster Unionist Party would potentially advocate a pact with a party it regularly criticises in the Assembly.

We know Mike Nesbitt is a fan of pacts – after all, he joined with the DUP and three other parties in doing so in East Belfast in 2015, and by doing so admitted they could not win against Alliance in a fair fight.

They also joined a pact with the DUP to create and distribute a bogus leaflet to deliberately whip up tensions ahead of the City Hall vote on the flying of the Union flag in 2012.

However, it is slightly bizarre to hear him talk about the possibility of another link-up with the DUP, given the UUP bases so many of its actions these days on opposing that very same party.

Mike Nesbitt needs to make his mind up and decide which horse he wishes to ride.

Another pact with the DUP would spell the end of the UUP, particularly in East Belfast.

Many of the party’s traditional supporters there were so disgusted by the previous one they switched to Alliance in their droves.

A new pact, based on a non-existent border poll, would be the final straw for even more.

Stewart Dickson MLA, Alliance Chief Whip