Stoking secular divisions over papal visit is unhelpful

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

DUP councillor John Finlay wrote (December 2) regarding his displeasure about the Pope’s pending visit to Ireland in 2018.

While he’s entitled to his own viewpoint, I take exception to where he describes those as of a “largely secular and spiritually confused society”.

I am a Christian of a Protestant background and I welcome the papal visit. Why shouldn’t he come to the island?

Also, does that mean my own spirit is confused? As somebody with a mixed extended family, perhaps somebody could explain how this is so.

As theologically sound as Mr Finlay appears to hold the term “Anti-Christ” towards the Pope, frankly I don’t feel that’s helpful towards a society not only attempting to make societal progress but also where there obviously still is a religious divide.

I would suggest Mr Finlay’s reflects on God’s grace to those whom he feels fall under the “secular and spiritually confused” umbrella.

My understanding of faith is we should be mixing with all people regardless of their persuasion and allowing Christ to shine through our actions.

Dan Wray, Glasgow, originally Belfast