Stop the sectarian headcount

Belfast City Council has operated voluntary coalitions over the last two decades
Belfast City Council has operated voluntary coalitions over the last two decades

It seems that the economic mismanagement of this Province (the size of an average size GB county) is a sad reflection on the self-proclaimed prudence and hard-headed nature of the people of Northern Ireland.

The waste of money (and opportunity) over the 19 years since the peace process officially started is a scandal, and yet Sinn Fein makes the claim that we should join Wales and Scotland and go begging from Westminster yet again.



And we must not forget the DUP claim before the election, that they would support the party that gave them £1bn. Have they no pride?

Where or when has either of the two larger parties set out a plan to lead us to a more sustainable economy from which we can then pay our way and can be responsible about the state benefits which we seem to need more of than other parts of the British Isles.

Better management of many of our resources and services would produce financial savings which could be put to good use.

Have they ever demonstrated a grasp of how to do anything efficiently or get the public service to deliver services effectively?

It seems to me that whenever we hear about a major project or initiative, that’s all we hear, until it ends in embarrassment and failure or it is buried and we don’t hear of it again.

Is this a result of total incompetence or is it the result of the sectarian carve-up, which requires the two major sectarian blocs to agree when they have mutually exclusive ideals?

It is certainly the result of a lack of coherent and effective leadership.

Surely Belfast City Council showed over the last two decades that it could make positive progressive decisions by having voluntary coalitions.

I know the fear that SDLP had when they pushed for the mandatory coalition, but this sectarian headcount must be removed and we must free up the decision making and implementation logjams, and stop wasting taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ money.

That is our money!

Tom Ekin,

By email