Stopes helps vulnerable women

Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast
Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast

I know the News Letter is a unionist paper but how can you presume to be so biased in your headlines.

The report on Saturday April 11 ‘Purvis resigns as CEO of Stopes abortion clinic’.



Marie Stopes clinics are consultation clinics for women with a range of problems. There is no other similar clinic in Northern Ireland offering compassionate, unbiased advise and informed information on a range of topics, including abortion.

To call it an “abortion clinic” is emotive and grossly inaccurate; it is an attempt to put a slur on the true nature of the work that the Marie Stopes clinics are trying to carry out.

Shame on the News Letter!

And shame on Bernie Smyth for so crudely using her particular brand of Christianity as an excuse to scream abuse at a group of people who are honestly trying to give help and support to vulnerable women.

There are Marie Stopes clinics in almost 40 countries.

Why, with the support of the News Letter, does Northern Ireland have to be presented as such a backwater?

Denis Mayne,