Stormont is subject to SF political terror


In just over a year Stormont has been plunged into crisis on no less than four occasions.

In February 2014 Peter Robinson said that he would resign unless the names of those who received OTR letters were published and all the letters were rescinded.

In July the same Mr Robinson told us that the future of Stormont had been “put under threat by the behaviour of the Parades Commission”.

In September he warned that Stormont was “not fit for purpose” which lead to the talks which eventually resulted in the Stormont House Agreement - an agreement which Mr Robinson described as “monumental step forward”.

But now we are back in crisis mode again over welfare reform.

How many times will Northern Ireland end up in crisis until Unionists conclude that an undemocratic system which grants Sinn Fein a veto on every issue can never deliver for the people of our Province?

After no less that FOUR crisis in just over 12 months surely it is time to conclude that the political system which the UUP bought into in 1998 and which the DUP accepted in 2007 is fatally flawed?

We cannot go on with a form of government which allows Sinn Fein to pull the pin from the political grenade at a time of their choosing and then sit back and laugh as Unionists who are wedded to terrorist inclusive government throw their hands up in horror and the country is held to ransom once again.

It’s time Northern Ireland was governed in the interests of the people, not subjected to Sinn Fein’s political terrorism from within the government - a position they only hold because of the decision of the DUP to buy into a system which they lambasted David Trimble for operating.

Samuel Morrison

Traditional Unionist Dromore Co Down