Stormont prefers sham fights to real political leadership


The fact that living standards in Northern Ireland are falling, while they are rising in the rest of the UK is a damning indictment of parties at Stormont who are failing people here.

The latest research shows that while living standards elsewhere have recovered and improved from levels before the recession, Northern Ireland has been going backwards.

The Conservative Party’s long-term economic plan has created 1.9 million new jobs over the past five years and while we have benefited from those policies too, an Executive which doesn’t understand the needs of business and won’t rebalance the economy is holding us back.

Northern Ireland’s private sector is lagging behind. We have the highest youth unemployment rates in the UK.

Meanwhile, the Executive is engaged in sham fights, begging bowl politics and endless rounds of unproductive talks. Sinn Féin and other parties prefer to park people on benefits rather than creating jobs.

People here deserve proper leadership and responsible decision makers, who can drive the recovery.

The electorate has an opportunity on May 7 to send a strong signal to Executive parties that their performance is not good enough and that Northern Ireland demands change, by voting for a Conservative candidate.

Neil Wilson

Conservative, East Belfast