Teebane victims deserve truth

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
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Last month was the 25th Anniversary of the Teebane Bomb which murdered eight Protestant civilian workers as they travelled home on a Friday afternoon after working at an Army Barracks in Omagh.

Like so many other atrocities committed by the IRA there has been no one convicted or charged for this crime and in all probability no one ever will be whether it is to safeguard informers involved or to cause political implications for the peace process.

Later on last week saw the deputy first minister announce that he is not contesting the Assembly elections due to ill health and to spend more time with his wife and family.

Many within all political strands have wished him a full recovery and paid tribute to his role in the peace process which saw Sinn/Fein enter government with the DUP.

It is regrettable but not surprising that few have challenged him to inform the authorities of any information which he would undoubtedly have had as a one-time leader of the IRA into the many atrocities which were carried out by the IRA including the Teebane massacre.

Martin McGuinness along with the leadership of Sinn/Fein have continually challenged the British government and unionists about the need for ‘Truth, Equality and Justice’ and indeed these demands along with the RHI scandal are the main reasons why there is a forthcoming Assembly election.

Are the victims of the Teebane Massacre along with many others [who unlike Martin McGuinness can no longer spend more time with their family members because they were murdered by the IRA] not entitled to ‘Truth Equality and Justice’ and ensure that those responsible for this atrocity are arrested and brought before the courts.

Walter Millar, Cookstown