The arrogance of Sturgeon on Brexit

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I found the brazen arrogance of that woman Sturgeon, having the audacity, to threaten the British government just breath-taking, should Brexit turns out what the people voted for, leaving the EU.

For a start, if she decided to hold another referendum for Scotland’s independence, and was successful, she would have to go through the process of applying to the European Union for membership. That could take years, and even then membership would not be guaranteed.

What would she use for currency?

Not being a member of the EU, the euro currency is out, and not being a member of Britain, the pound is out.

I view Ms Sturgeon and Mr Adams political amateurs on the global stage of world politics, they want their country’s independence, at the same time acquiesce consent to have their country governed by a rag tag collection of foreign amateur politicians, my mind just boggles.

Perhaps Ms Sturgeon and Mr Adams can enlighten us what happens, when the EU implodes, and this farce of political mickey mouse government disintegrates before their very eyes.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin