The arrogance of the DUP seems to know no bounds

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Arlene should not step aside, she should resign.

Her arrogance along with members of her party knows no bounds.

If the DUP thinks an individual, group or party is wrong then there is no argument as the DUP is never wrong. The party has failed victims particularly those seeking justice truth and inquests. Remember it’s Arlene stopping funding for legacy cases. She has even ignored the Lord Chief Justice’s efforts and requests in helping victims inquests.

Maybe she should ask Dee Stitt and Charter NI for a loan to help pay for the legacy cases. Nama, Red Sky, Dee Stitt and now renting an office from a group with terrorist links really show how the DUP thinks of democracy.

It’s the DUP way or no way.

To many she is now Arlene the Arrogant along with the yes men and women of the DUP.

The heating scandal is only part of more DUP coverups. Resign with possibly a little humility.

Raymond McCord, North Belfast