The Brexit vote seems likely to be denied

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is becoming more likely that the British people are going to be denied democracy on the EU referendum.

As Patrick Minford who was Mrs Thatcher’s former economic adviser, has said “a soft Brexit is not Brexit at all”.

To have an agreement like Norway’s is to have freedom of movement, have all the laws of the single market and continue to pay billions to the struggling EU.

This is clearly not what 17,400,000 people voted for in the referendum.

It was clear from both sides that a brexit vote would mean an end to freedom of movement and the single market.

I would be surprised if the British people would sit back and accept this betrayal.

It is a fact that many from the liberal establishment only want democracy when it goes their way.

We have already seen mob rule from the remoaners of the liberal left. Many eyes will be on the Tory government to deliver.

The thing is that the Tories is split on the issue and the prime minister who herself was a remainer is trying to keep the party together. The Tories may be at the moment in a strong position but to fail the British people on brexit could be very costly indeed.

John Mulholland, Doagh