The DUP have failed unionism and democracy


The Secretary of State’s report on Tuesday once again proves that not only do the Provisional IRA structures and departments exist but that the PIRA oversees Sinn Fein political strategies 17 years on from the Belfast Agreement.

Since the formation of the DUP they labelled every unionist leader down through the years as ‘lundies, traitors and sell out merchants’ but now that they have re-entered government following this report then surely they are guilty of all three headings.

Why are the DUP not concerned about the recent murders, smuggling, Army Council in tact and some PIRA Departments still in place?

The DUP selling points for entering government in 2007 with SF/IRA under their seven principles bar was because all weapons were supposedly decommissioned and PIRA structures were demolished and SF had accepted policing, law and order.

Yet in this report it is clear that PIRA Army Council still exist and SF completely ignore the assessment of the chief constable of the PSNI.

In November 2008 Peter Robinson stated that he had been told privately by the republican leadership that the PIRA were out of business for good and that they were not going to return. Clearly they were duped and their supporters led astray.

We all remember, ‘No Terrorists in Government’, ‘It’s Time for a Fair Deal’ and they constantly reminded other unionists of ‘No Guns No Government’.

The DUP seem content with holding their noses whilst at the same time gifting SF/IRA places at the heart of government and they are now viewed by many as bunch of hypocrites given their massive u-turns over recent years.

We cannot have parties at the heart of government whilst they are still clearly connected to terrorist organisations which have robbed banks, murdered, involved in fuel laundering, drug dealing and extortion and still have access to weapons.

Paul Berry, Councillor, Cusher Ward, Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council