The ECHR is part of Good Friday deal

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The European Convention on Human Rights is inextricably part and parcel of the settlement in Northern Ireland.

Rightly so.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

It is not an ‘add-on’ or an optional extra but an entrenched clause of the Good Friday settlement.

Someone needs to tell Teresa May that.

The Good Friday and other related agreements are in the international law, fixed and unalterable unless or until any amendment or variation to rescind them is agreed by all parties and signatories (both the United States and the Republic of Ireland would have to agree).

The gravity of unilaterally abrogating a solemn and binding treaty, lodged with the United Nations, cannot be overstated.

It would have major ramifications for the United Kingdom’s reputation and foreign policy around the world. Our reputation and influence would be badly damaged internationally. The country’s reputation would hit the floor.

Only despots and dictators break enshrined International treaties.

Andrew Mackinlay, President of the Northern Ireland Cooperative Party, Ex Labour MP for Thurrock

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