The European Union has failed farmers

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

May I through your column give my view of the Brexit vote. After attending the UFU debate in the Eikon Centre Balmoral Park on Tuesday night between Sir Peter Kendall and Mr Owen Paterson.

Sir Peter did not convince me to vote to stay in Europe, especially at a time when nearly all agricultural commodities are on their knees producing excellent food at a loss.

Lately Europe had the opportunity to vote on whether to give the regulator more power to make a more fair price between supermarkets and their primary producers but voted against saying the market forces should dictate or through negotiation. In today’s News Letter (June 9) agricultural leaders in the Republic said that we should vote to stay in as the stakes are highest for them with food trade across the Irish Sea.

The same leaders were very silent when the bully boys were doing their best to stop NI companies putting their produce into supermarkets in the RoI. They are only worrying about themselves. In any democratic country the subjects can vote out a government that they do not like at an election.

Europe seems to be run by bureaucrats who are accountable to no one. Is it any wonder some European countries are voting to the far right.

Robert JV Kelso, Dairy farmer, Dungannon