The hypocrisy of O’Neill’s call for ‘truth and justice’

Michelle O'Neill said Theresa May's 'aspirations for a friction-free Brexit did not mean anything in practice'
Michelle O'Neill said Theresa May's 'aspirations for a friction-free Brexit did not mean anything in practice'

Speaking on Tuesday to Mark Devenport for the BBC’s ‘Stormont Today’, the new Sinn Fein leader in the United Kingdom, Michelle O’Neill, commented regarding legacy issues: “... the British government are hiding behind the cloak of national security.

“That’s not the way to deal with a society coming out of conflict. We support all families to get truth and justice...”

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

If she means this, what contribution will republicans make to the process of revealing the truth about their role in terrorising society here for a quarter of a century?

Maybe we should look at their past performance before rushing to judgement, starting with O’Neill’s immediate predecessor.

In his evidence given to the Saville Inquiry in 2003, Martin McGuinness refused to name other members of the IRA active under his command in Londonderry, saying his republican “code of honour” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) prevented him from doing so.

McGuinness said he would “rather die” than “betray” other IRA members by naming them, as directed by Lord Saville.

O’Neill’s reference to “all families” doesn’t actually mean all families.

It can’t, given McGuinness’ stated position.

When it comes to truth and justice, Sinn Fein excludes the victims of IRA atrocities such as those at Claudy, Enniskillen and the border Protestants of west Tyrone and other areas who were systematically murdered by the IRA because of their religion.

This demonstrates utter hypocrisy on Sinn Fein’s part.

Whilst republicans demand complete disclosure regarding the actions of those who stood against terrorism in the hope of putting former security force personnel behind bars, they will reveal nothing about their own murderous past and are happy to continue to evade natural justice by whatever mechanism available to them.

Clearly the republican Trojan horse is alive and well, and Sinn Fein’s desire to break the unionist community under the cover of republicanisms very unique style of ‘equality’ is undiminished.

Trevor Clarke, DUP councillor Coleraine