The hypocrisy of the evangelicals

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I sometimes despair about the hypocrisy of evangelical Christians like Colin Nevin who in his recent letter to this paper (March 2) praised Donald Trump’s speech at the joint meeting of Congress.

What stood out for him was Trump’s reference to the Bible and his praise of God. This is the very same man who boasts about grabbing women by the genitals.

He is talking about the tax dodger who refuses to disclose his tax returns and slashes taxes for the super rich, wants to abolish Obama’s healthcare programme and leave 24 million people without medical cover, slashes government programmes for the poor and unemployed.

Of course Colin is not the only evangelical Christian who supports such an unprincipled man. According to statistics 81% of those who identified as a white evangelical or white born-again Christians supported Trump.

A shady Pastor called Paula White spoke at Trump’s inauguration. Think of Paula White’s ministry as the church version of Trump University. She preaches the prosperity gospel, an approach to Christianity that is, shall we say, unorthodox. Prosperity-gospel preachers teach that God wants people to be rich, and that he makes them wealthy as a sign of his blessing and favour; the richer you are, the more God loves you.

Because, you know, Jesus drove a Rolls and wore a Rolex?

These preachers also teach that the way to become wealthy is—you guessed it!—by giving them money. If you make a “seed offering”—and the bigger the better—then preachers like White say the Lord will repay your generosity with bounteous riches. White’s website promises that such seed offerings will help givers get immediate word from God.

Trump claimed his phone was tapped by Obama, without producing any evidence and lied about the amount of people who attended his inauguration. As I said in a previous letter the USA has elevated to its highest office a fascist by any other name and it’s going to be terrifying. In 1933 Hitler became Germany’s Chancellor, let’s hope history is not repeating itself?

Andy Barr, Bangor