The IRA were not freedom fighters


The recent debate on collusion has once again provided Sinn Fein and republicans with the opportunity to stand on their carefully contrived soap box and perpetuate their own self-serving version of the truth in their relentless attempt to demonise the RUC, UDR and British Army.

The irony of those who crept up behind off duty RUC officers and UDR soldiers, and shot them in the back of the head, demanding ‘accountability’ is obviously lost on Sinn Fein. One of the speakers in the debate was Gerry Kelly, an IRA terrorist convicted of bombing the Old Bailey. The Sinn Fein benches in Stormont are littered with those who continue to justify the IRA terrorist campaign.

With every step forward in this peace ‘process’, the RUC, UDR and British Army are further sacrificed on the altar of political expediency in an attempt to pacify and appease Sinn Fein, the same Sinn Fein who demand those involved in the conflict are held accountable.

Let’s remind ourselves of the words of former IRA prisoner Bobby Storey, speaking at a Sinn Fein rally following the arrest of Gerry Adams, “how dare they touch our leader”.

The implied threat was clear and it shows that Sinn Fein want everyone held accountable - except the IRA - the same IRA of which many of their members have already received comfort letters and Royal Pardons as part of the perverse on the runs administrative scheme.

It is imperative that this generation of Unionists do not allow Sinn Fein to re-write history. The UDR, British Army and RUC stood in defence of our country in the face of an unrelenting republican terrorist campaign - we must amplify this truth, not bury it for the sake of political convenience or to protect the ‘process’.

The process that for many of us is nothing more than a piece by peace process seeking to eradicate every vestige of Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist and British culture from this loyal part of the United Kingdom and to justify this cultural war by demonising and criminalising every expression of our culture and furthermore by re-writing the past to paint the IRA terrorists, who crept about in the dead of the night planting bombs and shooting people in the back of the head, as some sort of freedom fighters.

Jamie Bryson, Bangor